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Americas oposition against the war with Syria

The "political script" in this new "act" of the "Political Theater Play" which has had its title change more than the weather, has been phenomenal these past few weeks. It's amazing to see the scenes unfold....the STAR role (and his minions) not knowing what he is doing, spinning his past words to fit his narrative; campaigning to rally citizen support for something that would be 'dumb & rash"; taking a risk of overriding Congress to pose a military strike while lambasting Congress for not supporting his urge to act without knowing completely if what he "thinks" is actually "true", refuse to accept the fact that his "narcissism" is getting out of hand and he very well could be aiding the terrorists (but then again most Americans already know that); and NOW he decides to "save face" by making a "deal" with Bashar al Assad? I guess when you are so used to "being right in everything" it is so difficult to "make a mistake" or be a "human being" and admit that yes, there were many innocent lives lost by that CW attack, but there have also been many "Christians" who have been killed by the terrorist forces who are trying to take Assad's regime down...and THEY too are innocent victims too. Most Americans are asking a good question..."How can this administration support those (al Qaeda) who twelve years ago destroyed over 3000 lives and the World Trade Center"? Yes, most Americans also know that answer, but it is not an answer that will be accepted in any way and will only lead to more American loss of lives in more ways than one. The American people will bless the day when this "Political Play" will close down, the curtain will come down and a new leader can come and move this country is the to direction that it should be going in. All of these "actors" should be tried for treason because of all of the lies and deception, scandals, deaths of Americans, putting citizens in danger as well as harassing them to no end...none of which a "real leader" would have done if the goal was "prosperity for all", legal citizenship, fighting terrorism on US soil, independence of citizens, a balanced budget with limited spending & most of all ensure liberties and freedoms for all citizens and respect for Our Constitution.

  • Source: http://www.wnd.com/2013/09/look-who-turns-against-obama-on-syria/#fwKtEI1GMMTt1BWw.99
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